Violation Discovery - Protecting Your Brand And Saving Your Time

purchase metformin online Sophisticated scanning watches dealer pricing so you don’t have to. Dealers are notified, corrective action is recommended, and only the people that need to know are notified, all without lifting a finger. Want to dig deeper? Dashboard reports and dealer infraction histories allow you to quickly separate pricing mistakes from intentional efforts to violate pricing and dealer agreements.

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Notification Management - Keeping Everyone In The Know, Respectfully Handling Your Valued Relationships

i pill tablet price Make sure the right people know about pricing infractions at the right time. Easy Map Enforcement allows manufacturers to customize enforcement of MAP policy to suit the needs of individual dealers and accounts. When violations do occur, only those that you designate are informed of the violation, and a recommended corrective action is always included. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. With Easy Map Enforcement, information overload is a thing of the past.

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Forensic Investigation - A Closer Look For Answers

Identifying rogues dealers or the source of transshipments for resale used to create a headache for companies seeking to protect their online brand. Easy Map Enforcement uses cutting edge security methods to identify those dealers who don’t want to be found, and to create connections between online accounts where none are apparent. Anonymous online personas are brushed aside, accounts are connected and sources are identified.

Learn More We get it – Policing your pricing policies is not your main objective.

Minimum Advertised Price is the most valuable tool in maintaining the reputation of your Brand’s products while they are being marketed online. Unfortunately, pricing policies are often ignored, overlooked, or purposely violated. As online sales become more competitive there is more incentive for dealers to cheat and the energy put into finding infractions and solving issues is a costly distraction.

With many years of experience in Wholesale and Internet Retail, we understand the complexities of doing business online. Our solution allows you to re-take valuable time without having to limit your distribution capabilities. Easy Map Enforcement can enhance the value of your current online distribution channels and allow the creation of new online channels without the overhead of worrying about protecting brand equity.


MAP Enforcement Does Not Have To Be Complicated.

Easy Map Enforcement allows you to focus on your core business while harnessing online sales channels. It is our job to handle the details and provide you with only the information you need to make timely decisions. Let us help you eliminate the overhead of MAP enforcement through our cutting edge software and streamlined policies. We have options that fit your needs.

We can provide you knowledge of violations with our smart discovery tools. We can assist you with or manage transgressions, catered specifically for each customer, and with highly customizable notifications. And if there are more complex issues, our forensic investigation will be at your disposal.